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The Estates


All the products created by the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia come from the estates owned by the Bisceglia sisters. The fields, located in Mattinata, the heart of the Gargano National Park, have been cultivated for generations respecting the environmental ecosystem, enhancing the native plants and protecting the nature of the territory in every aspect to offer a product as healthy and genuine as possible. The estates, which still bear the names of the nineteenth-century districts, climb up hills with a gentle profile following a curve that leads them to dive into the sea, as for the trees of Estate Monsignore, whose olive trees that extend flat, are called “locks” in local jargon. Estate Principe, on the other hand, has silvery and centuries-old olive trees cultivated on terraces, the so-called “struts”, which extend over the hills that embrace the village of Mattinata. Our extra virgin oils take their proper name from the estates of origin, to pay homage to the beauty of these landscapes.

Organic Agriculture

Principe Estate

Located in the hills, the olive trees located on this estate are special because they breathe the sea air. It is from this estate that the organic olives are grown that are destined to become organic extra-virgin.

Between land and sea

Monsignore Estate

They descend sweetly on the slope until they get to the sea. The Monsignore estate is characterized by a unique landscape where olive groves are divided between land and brackish water. The result is a unique and rare fruit.

The oldest trees

Giorgio Estate

The olive groves of Estate Giorgio are located at the entrance to Mattinata and are the oldest. The trees embrace the Giorgio farm, the old family farm, the Frantoio and the jams production workshop.

Ogliarola of the Gargano

Barone Estate

The Barone Estate is located in a mountainous area merging with the woods of the Gargano National Park. On these lands the cultivar Ogliarola del Gargano is grown, from which an extra virgin oil is obtained, characterized by a fruity flavor with an almond aftertaste