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Who We Are


“We grew up walking through the fields. Our estates have always been our home. Taking care of them has been a natural path and, like everything else we love, we try to do our best, without sparing ourselves.”

Bisceglia Sisters


The Azienda Agricola Bisceglia is located in Mattinata, a city that rises among the barren hills and the deep blue of the sea. The white stones are the masters of this land as sweet as it is bitter. They are by the sea and immersed in the land of the countryside. This is the Gargano. A land to be lived with bare hands.
The Azienda Agricola Bisceglia is part of the Gargano, it is its identity. Landmark for the territory since 1857, the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia begins its history with olive groves passed down from generation to generation and a mill. It is in these years that the passion for the production of excellent extra-virgin olive oil is born, a product that reflects in its taste and aroma, its homeland. Today, the Mill, modernized according to the latest technologies and immersed in the Agriturismo Giorgio, still continues to produce extra virgin olive oil with the same philosophy imbued with quality. With the passing of time to the olive groves, orchards and a diversified production of food and wine products are added. Along with extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives, jams, pickles and fruit juices are served alongside. Today, for the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia, the production of gastronomic products is to promote Apulia, convey the message of beauty of the Gargano throughout the world through the aromas and flavors stored in glass jars and bottles.
The Azienda Agricola Bisceglia is always open, by arranging an appointment, for guided tours of the Estate, the Mill and the famous Oil Museum.


The Estates still bear the names of the nineteenth-century districts. The fields are cultivated enhancing the native plants


The mill of the late ‘800 has been innovated with the latest technology in the industry. Here is born an extra virgin with an unforgettable taste.


The Oil Museum is a treasure trove of centuries-old customs, documents and tools of the peasant life.


Agriturismo Giorgio, in country chic style, comes from the family farm in Mattinata, in the homonymous district