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The organic jams made by the Azienda Agricola Bisceglia are based on fresh fruit picked in the farm’s fields, carefully cultivated to allow an optimal condition for the growth of the fruit. When the fruits are ripe, they are picked by hand and selected. Only the best fruits are used in processing to not depend on the natural aromas of fruit and vitamins. Their authentic taste is due to the preparation that reflects the Gargano tradition of cutting the fruit into large pieces. The traditional recipe is accompanied by the desire to enthrone this “spreadable fruit” with new flavors enriching with dried fruit and spices such as almonds, ginger and other refined ingredients. The jams are packaged at Azienda Agricola Olearia Agrituristica Giorgio of Mattinata in the heart of the Gargano National Park, where you can also stay to discover the production of the farm at the farm.

Tradition and fruit


The citrus groves of the Gargano represent a real cultural identity. Citrus fruits here ripen all year round thanks to the particularly mild climate and the system of gentle hills “degrading at sea”


Limited Edition

The “Limited Edition” jams combine the taste of traditional fruit with that of spices and dried fruit such as ginger and almonds. A personal touch with a unique and irresistible flavor that changes every year …

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Registered Office: Contrada Giorgio sn - 71030 Mattinata (Fg)

Show Room: Piazza Cavour 6 - 71121 Foggia, Italy

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    “Creating a jam means transforming the fruit into a spreadable product that maintains its taste and nutritional characteristics. That’s why they are made with 75% fruit, are without preservatives, without dyes and gluten-free”